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George Bruseker (Foundation for Research & Technology), Nicola Carboni (University of Zurich)


This document presents an extension of CIDOC-CRM develop within the Swiss Art Research Infrastracture (SARI) project to support propositions about persons and their social relations.

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Prefix: The suggested prefix for SARI is sari

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This document presents an extension of CIDOC-CRM. It is developed within the Reference Entity Model project of the Swiss Art Reseach Infrastracture and targeted to sustain propositions about persons and their social relations which do not have yet a correspondence within the CRM.

Graphical Overview


SRPC3 in social relation

The class SRPC3 materializes the SRP3 relation as a class. It does so to enable an n-ary construct used to indicate the nature of the relationship that holds between the instance of E21 person designated as its domain and the instance of E21 Person designated as its range. ie: if E55 instantiated as Father then the semantic interpretation of this is E21(a) ‘has father’ E21(b), the relation is not symmetric.



SRP1 used language (was language used by)

Domain: E21 Person
Range: E56 Language
Subproperty: P75 possesses (is possessed by)

This property identifies former or current instances of E56 Language known by an E39 Actor.

SRP2 had occupation (was occupation of)

Domain: E21 Person
Range: E55 Type
Subproperty: P2 has type (is type of)

This field is used to indicate occupations/general roles that an E39 Actor has played in its life; This documentation is at the level of a general characteristic and is not the documentation of particular periods in which occupations/roles were undertaken.

SRP3 relation type

Domain: SRC1 in social relation
Range: E55 Type

The property documents the type of family relation exists between two individuals.